Community invited to groundbreaking for Spirit Center • May 03, 2016

ROBSTOWN - A groundbreaking ceremony will be held for a brand new youth retreat center. 

The Fannie Bluntzer Nason Renewal Center or Spirit Center, will begin construction of their new facility May 3rd at 3 p.m. They want the community to come out and celebrate the new centers groundbreaking! The center will be located in Robstown at 5528 FM 3088. 

The Mission of the Fannie Bluntzer Nason Spirit Center, according to their website is:

Fannie Bluntzer Nason Spirit Center will be a place where people of many faiths who seek the tranquility of natural beauty and peace for their spiritual, educational and social development. As our world rapidly develops, lifestyles compress and society becomes more separated from its focus on community, the Spirit Center can offer the opportunity for people to rest and renew. In this spacious and hospitable environment, we will help enkindle the flame that gives those who seek solace and reflection the strength and spirit to permeate with goodness the lives of those around them. 

We hope to empower those who visit our grounds and take part in The Spirit Center's many amenities to return to their faith communities with renewed energy and leadership. 

The center also has a "Green" Mission: 

Just as we hope to nurture the soul in The Spirit Center, so we also commit to nurturing the Earth through good stewardship and responsibility in the use of land and natural resources. Facilities that are environmentally responsive will be set in a way that wind, water, sun and vegetation are best utilized and accentuated. Native trees, plants and wildflowers will be protected and preserved to provide personal enjoyment of their beauty and forge the setting for nature walks and meditation.

 The center's slogan is "A Catholic retreat facility embracing people of other faiths." The new facility will provide a place for spiritual education and social development for youth in South Texas of all beliefs. 

Check out their website for more information about their plans for the facility and if they host any fundraising events.

Sonny Martinez